Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I go on vacation?
Are you leaving for vacation? Let us know via email or by phone so we can plan our driver’s routes appropriately. Please be assured your information will not shared with any third-party, but helps us efficiently serve those in need of our service. It is recommended that bins are emptied before you leave. We thank our members for their co-operation.
What are the weight restrictions for my bin?
Due to WCB (Worker’s Compensation Board) regulations, filled Pookt bins are not to exceed 50 lbs. Please ensure your bins are filled to acceptable levels and do not go over weight limits. We ask members to increase their pickup schedules to accommodate these requirements if necessary.
Pookt Standards and Terms of Service
Due to health regulations we request members respect our terms. Pet waste MUST be placed into Pookt bins in plastic bags, and bins are to be kept under a covered area between pickups. Pet waste collection is a dirty job, but we are working towards a cleaner future. Members who do not adhere to these standards risk having their membership revoked ( a prorated refund will be issued).
What is Pookt’s Lifetime Price Promise?
Members who keep their membership in continuous good standing, and prepay twelve pickups at a time are guaranteed to enjoy the same prices they agreed to at the time of enrollment for life.
What Happens If My Pookt Bin Gets Damaged?
Pookt members enjoy bin rentals that include regular maintenance and refreshing. If your bin is damaged beyond regular wear a replacement fee of $19.95 plus applicable taxes will be charged to offset our cost. In the event the damage is of no fault of your own Pookt will cover these charges within reason.
What is Pookt’s Cancellation Policy?
Pookt Pet Waste Solutions Inc. (PPWS) reserves the right to refuse or cancel a membership with PPWS at any time and for any reason.

Our Cancellation Policy;

PPWS offers a 30 day money back guarantee on the price of your membership. PPWS does not offer reimbursement for Pookt Bin Pickups. If for any reason, within 30 days, you must terminate your membership, please call us. Refunds will be credited back to the original credit card used for payment.

PPWS Cancellation Policy is subject to change without notice.

How is my dog waste and plastic recycled?
Once one ton of volume is reached, waste and plastic are separated in preparation for renewal (a process that does not require human contact). With these recyclable materials we can create a number of safe and useful products.
Is my Pookt bin waterproof?
Not exactly. Although the bins are sealed and secure they are susceptible to weather and ware. Please place your bin in a semi-covered area (below an overhang or eaves trough).
How can I get my membership for free?
Members that refer ten new people to our service receive their service FREE for one year.
Is my Pookt bin ‘critter-proof’?
Pookt bins are designed to keep odors in and critters out. The spring-loaded top could however trap small animals inside. If you are concerned about this we do offer a vermin-proof stainless steel bin at an additional charge.

Contact our office for more information 604-356-6971

Why is There Advertising on My Bin?
Pookt Pet works with local businesses and sponsors to keep our membership and collection costs low. It is our hope that you’ll support the program in its entirety, but if you require a bin without advertisements please contact our office.
How can I invest in Pookt? What investment opportunities are there?
Visit our sponsorship page, Email the Pookt Team or call 604-356-6971 for more information.
What services are offered for commercial business’ and communities?
We offer Commercial Collection Services as well as a Commercial Bulk Pet Waste Recycling Unit. We work with property managers, strata councils, and park boards to create the best pet waste management plan for each unique situation. Contact the Pookt Team for more information or call 604-356-6971.
Can I choose the collection day?
Pookt wants to provide you with the most reliable and cost effective service, therefore, we have a weekly collection schedule. We will advise you of the designated collection day for your area.
Does Pookt collect all year?
Yes. We collect waste from your bin all year round with the exception of a few crazy heavy snow days. If we are unable to collect, we will send you an email advising when we will be there next.
Where do I place the Pookt Bin?
Place your bin in a semi-covered location (example: below an overhang or eaves trough) in your yard. In order for the contents of your Pookt Bin to be collected it must be placed in the agreed location on your collection day. It must be visible from the road and be placed outside by 7:00am on your designated collection day.
How often does Pookt collect?
We can collect your pet waste weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Its your choice.