Become Territorial Area Operator

Why Become a Territorial Operator

Looking for Territorial Operators to run Pookt in different cities across BC & North America!

Becoming a territorial operator for Pookt, a forward-thinking poop pickup and recycling company, offers a unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit and environmental stewardship.

This role not only presents an opportunity to partake in a green business that contributes to sustainability but also to engage in a growing industry that addresses the essential need for responsible pet waste management.

As a territorial operator, you would be at the forefront of promoting eco-friendly practices within your community, leading by example in reducing landfill waste and potentially turning pet waste into useful products.

Moreover, this position allows for the development of local business acumen, networking within the community, and the potential for significant personal and financial growth as you help expand a brand dedicated to making a positive environmental impact.

Why Become a Territorial Operator

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    Do you have a credit card?

    Do you have access to a $10,000 licensing fee?